Rotational is one of the specific characteristics of LOBSTER. There are two criteria to reach the rotational character. First, by simulating different building orientations, which guide to different profiles of solar gain and inputs and daylight offer. Second, with the maximum of heat input by tracking the sun position. Therefore, it is possible to check and develop the innovative cooling concept in spite of the poor cooling load of the building.

The Slewing ring consists of an HEB girder with a diameter of nearly 10 m. The quadratic construction of the steel girder with dimensions of 8,80m x 8,80m sits on eight wheel blocks.
The Square forms the base of the wood frame construction.

The eight-wheel blocks are equipped with storm safety inside and outside as well as the two guiding elements/Wheels with drive engines. The whole system is based on the tracking system "Solarus".



The rail of slewing ring should be produced by a circular fundament with a diameter of 10m. Since the beginning of 2012, it is concreted in two section.

 The steel elements of the connection with the slewing ring are put into the form before molding, where they are kept with a special metal construction to remain in position during the concreting.

Overall, there are eight connection elements including a steel plate (300/300/15) and a short carrier unit. (HEA 140,180)



Through the rotatability of the building, it is possible to do additional tests in different building orientations.

The rotation of the building is controlled by a touch-screen device. The rotation can be continued manually or automatically by tracking the sun during the daytime cycle. The rotation angle is limited to 350° to avoid the damages of the electrical feed.


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