The project purpose is the construction of a test place for all current and planned research projects at KIT. These include the fields of user satisfaction, comfort at Workplaces, Facade integrated air conditioning concepts and sorption-based building air conditioning.

Thermal and visual comfort studies at non-residential buildings were made either at foreign research institutions or "in the field" meaning at real workplaces. The first requires a large expenditure in terms of logistics and resources. The second doesn’t have enough margin to satisfy the controlled experimental conditions, which are necessary to answer the existing scientific questions.


The Lobster is currently being used to investigate thermal comfort and user behavior.

The coexistence of a façade with external reference and the conditionability of the space
enclosing surfaces can create new and unique experimental conditions. Experimental investigations of open questions on thermal comfort - e.g. The not yet comprehensively
understood "phenomenon" of adaptive comfort is in the foreground.

In addition, future applications of automation technologies and concepts, control strategies and the use of
innovative cooling and heating technologies with regard to their impact on user acceptance and energy
efficiency are planned.The mullion and transom façade offers the possibility to test different window glasses,
parapets or sun protection systems.Having two identical offices satisfies the needs
to have comparative studies at the same time with a double number of subjects with minimal additional effort.

Einsatz- und Untersuchungsschwerpunkte


  • thermischen Komfort
  • visuellen Komfort/Blendung
  • Nutzerverhalten
  • Funktion und Nutzerakzeptanz von Sonnen- und Blendschutzsystemen


  • Prüfstand für fassadenintegrierte Klimatisierungstechnik
  • Experimentierfeld für automatisierte Steuerungs- und Regelungskonzepte


  • Demonstrationsraum in der Architekturlehre
  • Studienprojekte / Projektarbeiten