• Contact:

    Andreas Wagner

  • Funding:


  • Partner:

    Fachgebiet Nachhaltiges Bauen, KIT und viele weitere

  • Start Date:

    Februar 2020

  • End Date:

    November 2022

Project Description

The RoofKIT project addresses the issue of adding storeys to existing flat roofs, which represent a significant proportion of unused space in cities. The challenge is to take into account the special features of the existing building with the architectural design and the energy concept, while at the same time meeting the requirements of climate neutrality for the entire building. The goal is to build up a really pure and easily degradable material store, for which new technologies, joining principles, connecting means and also materials must be developed in order to transfer the future building stock into a new generation of qualitatively sustainable, i.e. ecologically harmless, technically pure, easily degradable and economically attractive - because endlessly usable in cycles - buildings. The energy concept follows the cycle idea and consistently targets all resources available on and in the building for energy provision: solar energy, which is used via PVT collectors to generate electricity and heat, waste heat from ventilation and waste water, which is recovered, and biogas from kitchen waste, which is used for cooking. Otherwise, an integral building and energy concept is pursued, which combines structural and physical measures with coordinated building technology to achieve maximum room comfort with minimum energy consumption. The interaction between the systems is regulated by an intelligent energy management system.