Advice and (simulation) studies on building and energy concepts as well as for lighting concepts:

Innovative building and energy concepts
  • Consulting and (simulation) studies for energy optimisation of building concepts
  • Consulting and (simulation) studies on lighting concepts, especially daylight planning (including model studies in artificial skies)
  • Consultancy and studies on energy concepts on an urban scale
Building analysis
  • Measurement of energy flows in the building, determination of specific (partial) energy parameters and of coefficients of performance for technical systems
  • Analyses for optimising the operation of technical systems
  • Visualisation of operating data of larger building stocks over longer periods of time
Comfort and user behaviour at workplaces
  • Detailed room climate measurements to determine the thermal comfort (sum and individual influencing variables)
  • (Automated) user surveys on thermal comfort perception, accompanying measurements
  • User surveys on satisfaction at the workplace as well as for the targeted identification of disturbing factors at the workplace or disturbing functions of the building services engineering system.
  • Illuminance and luminance measurements to determine lighting conditions at the workplace
  • Experiments on comfort and user behaviour in the LOBSTER indoor climate test stand, testing of new components and control strategies with evaluation by test persons
Building physics and building technology issues
  • Expert opinions in the context of legal disputes
  • Thermography for the evaluation of the building envelope and technical installations
  • Measurements to clarify detailed problems

For the services listed, we have the appropriate simulation programmes and extensive measurement equipment. In addition, an artificial sky is available for light-technical investigations on the model.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like a personal consultation.

Available software: DesignBuilder/EnergyPlus, ESP-r, EnerCalc, Radiance, Relux, Therm, Window, SPSS, R, MoniSoft.