Fachgebiet Bauphysik & Technischer Ausbau


Consultancy and (simulation) studies on building and energy concepts as well as lighting concepts

Innovative building and energy concepts:

  • Consultancy and (simulation) studies on optimization of building energy concepts
  • Consultancy and (simulation) studies on lighting concepts, especially daylight planning (e.g. analysis of physical model in the artificial sky)
  • Consultancy and studies on energy concepts on an urban scale

Building performance analysis:

  • Monitoring of energy flows in a building, calculation of energy consumption metrics and coefficients of performance for technical facilities
  • Analyses to optimize the operation of technical facilities
  • Visualization of operating data for large building stocks over longer time periods

Occupant satisfaction at work places:

  • Detailed monitoring of indoor climates to evaluate the thermal comfort (accumulated indicator and individual influencing factors)
  • (Automated) occupant surveys concerning thermal comfort in addition to the monitoring
  • Occupant surveys concerning satisfaction at work places to determine possible disturbing influences at a work place or related to technical services
  • Illuminance and luminance measurements to evaluate the lighting conditions at work places


Questions concerning building physics and technical building services:

  • Expert reports with regards to legal disputes
  • Thermography to evaluate building shells and technical facilities
  • Measurements to determine specific detail problems

We use different simulation programs and a wide range of equipment for the listed services available. Furthermore we have the possibility of using an artificial sky for the analysis of lighting issues in projects.

Should you have any further questions or wish to have a personal consultation please feel free to contact us.


Available Software: DesignBuilder/EnergyPlus, TRNSYS, EnerCalc, Radiance, Relux, Therm, Window, SPSS, R, MoniSoft



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