Fachgebiet Bauphysik & Technischer Ausbau

Research in the Buiding Science Group

Considerations about a future energy supply strategy cannot be made without taking the development in the building sector into account, which currently consumes 40% of the European primary energy. From a planners point of view – especially regarding comfort and the quality of indoor environments – the end use of energy for climate conditioning and lighting is interesting. A key role in reducing the energy use in buildings lies within the existing building stock.

In this context we work on the following subjects:


  • Energy-optimized building – monitoring of buildings’ performance and optimization of building services operation in  demonstration projects, analyses and benchmarking  of energy consumption for larger building stocks, new concepts for heating and ventilation technologies
  • Comfort in non-residential buildings – occupant satisfaction in office buildings, thermal comfort under transient boundary conditions, modeling of the perception of comfort
  • Lighting design and visual comfort – evaluation of office work places, development of planning tools, use of the artificial sky for examining models


A further focus is e-learning with the development of the multimedia learning network of building physics.


The fbta and its projects are fully integrated into to the different areas of competence within the KIT. Prof. Wagner is the spokesperson of topic 4 “Efficient energy-use” for the KIT Energy Center. Further important partners in research are at other universities as well as at external research institutes in Germany and abroad (see projects).